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In the Beginning ​

Dogs have always been a part of my life from early
childhood, but my real involvement started in 1994
when I bought my first Great Dan  Kiara. In 1996 I applied for my Affix or Kennel Name and was granted the Affix Gladstyle. Although I had considerable success showing Great Danes, I decided that something more compact with more personalitiy would suit me better. So after a lot of research and standing around breed rings, I decided that a beagle would be the perfect breed to suit my lifestyle and personality. With the show experience I had gained through showing Great Danes, I decided to go to one of the top beagle kennels in England. So in 1999 Tillie (Fallowfiled Just a Begiinnin' for Gladstyle) arrived, Tillie did extremely well for me and was Top Beagle Puppy 2000 and Top Beagle Bitch in N. Ireland as well as gaining her Irish Title.
She was mated to Fallowfield Douglas and produced my first home bred champion, who in turn produced two Stud Book winners and a RCC winner.

A new Chapter

Through the show scene I meet Jim Coates. Jim was originally from Scotland but visited Ireland regularly to attend shows in his capacity as a representative for an English company to promote dog related products.
Our friendship developed into a relationship and in February 2008 we tied the knot in my home town of Larne. Shortly after that I moved to England where Jim and myself now run Gladstyle Kennels in joint names.
As well as adopting a husband i also gained another dog  in the form of Kat, Jim's Spanish Water Dog who keeps him company on his long journeys to and from shows.
I continue to show but with the work commitment not to the same level as I did in Ireland at present. However Gladstyle continues to show and breed quality beagles who are true to the breed standard and are from health screened parents.
This new chapter is my life is very demanding but also very exciting.
We hope you enjoy our new website.
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