As 2018 comes to a end as usual I have been bad at updating this page but had a great start with Boss winning  best puppy dog at CRUFTS ,then  Green Stars and CACIB in Ireland, plus 2 CACIC & 2 CAC in EUROPE and ending with Easy winning 3rd Best Pup in Show at Kortirijk plus both his puppy classes at Midland Counties and LKA  and with to many best puppy and BOB at open show to list here it has been a great year and we look forward to 2019.

wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

2018  CRUFTS 

                             Royal Pack Ukraine Leader Forever at Gladstyle                                  aka Boss  Best puppy male 

     Gladstyle Monments of Glory 

aka Smudge  was also place

in her bitch class


Brussels  Trophy + Brussels Dog sHOW 

                                      Royal Pack Ukraine Leader Forever                                             at Gladstyle  aka Boss

2 Best Puppy in Breed

Gladstyle Game On aka Gabby

Best Junior bitch

Combined Canine All Breed International Ch

15/16 April 2017 another 2 day show

UC 2 BOB & 2 Green Star

Cosmo BPIB

St. Patricks Day International 17/18 March 2017

Eusabio Moravia Tauri

aka UC

                                                                           2 BOB & 2 Green                                                                                        StarAtlas Legendary Star Angel at Gladstyle

  aka Cosmo

BPIB & 1 Puppy Group 6

of : 2017 FEBRUARY 25/26

Eusabio Moravia Tauri

best junior and BOB

Matlock & District Canine Society

Atlas Legendary Star Angel at Gladstyle aka Cosmo BPIB

Gladstyle Penny Lane 2nd Open

Isle of Ely

Atlas Legendary Star Angel at Gladstyle aka Cosmo


Gladstyle Ida Side 1st junior 

Manchester Ch show

Ida placed 4th in a strong puppy class at her first show under breed specialist Mr A Brace

so having not done the results page in  the year we won Res C.A.C  at the World Dog Show  2015 & 6   Abby's CACIB'S my new year resolution is to do the results page we will see how long that lasts lol



Blackpool Championship Show


Abby Storm and Katie 'Gladstyle Right Royal Storm' all placed well in breed classes, but Storm steales the show by taking a respectable 2nd in the Pro/Plan Pup of The Year Stakes, Puppy Dog again.


Bath Championship Show

Storm wins the Pro Plan/Dog World Pup of The Year Stakes, Puppy Dog under Bob Brampton


Goes 2 day 19th 20th April International dog show Netherlands


Storm 'Gladstyle Storm Trooper' was Graded Excellent and was Best Puppy Puppy both days.
Abby 'Gladstyle Mad About Me' Was graded excellent both days and was awarded a JCAC on the first day. 
Meia 'Gladstyle Me Again' was graded excellent both days and won the CAC and RCACIB on the 2nd day.


Porterdown and Banbridge Shows12th 13th April, Ireland

Storm 'Gladstyle Storm Trooper' Wins Best Puppy and the Reserve Green Star at both shows.
Bubble 'Gladstlye Burst Your Bubble' wins Intermediate at both shows,

Abby wins the Green Star at Banbridge show!




City Of Cambridge Show

The 'Storm' litter debut

Storm "Gladstyle Storm Trooper" wins Best Puppy, Best of Breed and Puppy Group 3 at his first show! 
His sisters Katie "Gladstyle Right Royal Storm" and Sahara "Gladstyle Hot Storm" took 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

Abby "Gladstyle Mad About Me" took 2nd in graduate at 9 months.

Dude "Gladstyle Rock Solid" took 1st in open out of 8 entries!

Thanks to Paul Singleton Judge on the day!



Luton Canine Association 
Abby wins Junior, Best Puppy and a JW point under Richard Bott.


Dublin International Show

Bubble wins the Reserve Green Star and Abby wins Best Puppy


Euro Dog Show Belgium 


Bubble wins Junior Bitch, Abby 'Gladstyle Mad About Me' wins Best Baby Puppy


Bubble 'Gladstyle Burst Your Bubble' Won Minor Puppy Bitch


Birmingham National

Bubble 'Gladstyle Burst Your Bubble' 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch

Code'D 'Gladstyle Code'D was 4th in Puppy and 5th in the Purina ProPlan Puppy Stakes

Dude 'Gladstyle Rock Solid' 3rd in Limit Dog​



Teddy 'Gladstyle Tanzanite' got a VHC



Dude 'Gladstyle Rock Solid' 3rd in Post Graduate Dog

Lilly 'Gladstyle Legally Mine' was 3rd in Minor Puppy Bitch





LKA Championship Show
Teddy "Gladstyle Tanzanite" Won his Yearling Class
Meia 'Gadstyle Me Again' was VHC in Yearling Bitch
27th October 2012,  Midland Counties Canine Society Championship Show,  Judge Mrs V. Phillips
Dude picked up a lovely 1st in a strong Yearling Dog class today while Miea won 3rd in her Junior Bitch class. 
29th September 2012, Belfast Dog Society Championship Show,  Judge Mr M. Sanders
Back to Ireland for our annual trip to catch up with friends and family. Dude was awarded 1st in Limit Dog and Miea won her Junior Bitch class. We had a lovely weekend and the sun was kind enough to  come out for our photography shot on the Sunday.

22nd September 2012,  Driffield Championship Show,  Judge Mrs M. Caney
Dude took a very nice 2nd in Yearling Dog today and Miea showed her socks off to win 1st in Yearling Bitch. 
31st August 2012,  City of Birmingham Championship Show,  Judge Dr R. W. James
Dude was awarded 2nd in Post Graduate Dog and Miea was placed 3rd in her Junior Bitch class today.
17th August 2012,  Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show,  Judge Mr D. Playeer
Of to Wales today where Dude was placed 2nd in his first Post Graduate class and Miea was awarded a lovely Res. in her first Junior Bitch class with an entry of 15.
7th June 2012,  Three Counties Championship Show
Dude picked up a very nice 1st in Junior Dog today under our judge Mr M. Cocozza
24th Mar 2012,  The Beagle Club Show
Meia (Gladstyle Me Again ) wins her Puppy Bitch Class
Chaos not to be out done is placed in a strong Minor Puppy Class.​
25th Feb 2012,  Beagle Association,  Judge Mrs  M. Kingland
Dude (Gladstyle Rock Solid) went to the show today and come home with 1st in Junior Dog.
3rd Feb 2012,  Watl, West  Melton & Dist
Chaos  (Gladstyle Organised Chaos) ventures into the ring at 6 mths old and wins her puppy class.
Miea  win's though from the Junior class to be awarded Best Puppy in Breed and goes on to win the
Hound Puppy Group
29th January 2012,  City of Cambridge & County Canine Soc.
With no puppy class available Meia had to play with the big boys and girls today but didn't disappoint with a 1st in a large Junior class and was then awarded Best Puppy in Breed.
9th January 2012,  Manchester Championship Show
Today was Meia's day, this was her first eventure out on her own and she did us proud being awarded Best Puppy Bitch in Breed  under judge Mrs E. Newton.
Judges Critique: Lovely balanced in body shape, not overdone anywhere. The soundest mover in the class and her profile with well held tail was a pleasure to watch. 
7th January 2012,  Boston & District Canine Society Championship Show
Dude started the day of with  a res. in his Puppy Dog class.
Meia went one better with a lovely 2nd in her Puppy Bitch class.
But Gem showed them how to do it, with a 1st in her  class, Best Puppy Bitch and then went on to be awarded Res  Res. Best Bitch in Breed.
Thank you to our judge on the day Mrs D. Diamond for keeping me soo busy !!!!!!!
9th August 2011,  Suffolk Kennel Club
Teddy was awarded a 1st in his junior class and Best Puppy in Breed under judge Mr J. Luscott and went on to win the Hound Puppy Group under judge Mr P. Wilkinson.
Meme was awarded a 1st in  her Post Grad. class.
Darcy was awarded a 1st in his Open class and Best of Breed under judge Mr J. Luscott and went on to take  Hound Gp.2  under judge Mr P. Wilkinson.
27th August 2011,  Northern & Midlands Beagle Club Championship Show
Teddy was awarded a 1st in his Minor Puppy Dog class under judge Mrs K. Cooper.
Gem was awarded a 3rd in her Minor Puppy Bitch class under judge Mrs K. Cooper.
3rd August 2011,  Paighton Championship Show
Gem was awarded a 2nd in her Minor Puppy Bitch class. under judge Mrs V. Davies.
22nd May 2011,  SCK Championship Show
Darcy was placed 3rd at The Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show, in a very nice Post Grad. Dog class.
Crufts 2011
Darcy was awarded a Res. in Post Grad. Dog  in a very strong class of 16 dogs under Mrs J. M. Westren
26th February 2011, Beagle Association
Darcy gained a 1st in Post Grad. Dog under judge Mrs Viv Rainsbury.
11th December 2010,  LKA Championship Show
Darcy was placed 2nd in Post Grad. Dog at The Ladies Kennel Ass. under judge Mr M. Price
3-5th September 2010,  City ofBirmingham Championship Show
Carlie was placed 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch in a very nice  class under judge Miss A. M. Phillips.
11th July 2010,  East of England Agric. Soc. Championship Show
Meme was awarded a Res. in Minor Puppy Bitch in a strong class of 10 under breed  specialist Miss. M. Spavin.
20th June 2010,  Border Union Agric. Soc.
Darcy  started the ball rolling with a 2nd in Post Grad. Dog followed by Meme who was awarded 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch.
June 2010,  Blackpool Championship Show
Meme gained a 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch.
17th March 2010,  St. Patrick's Day Celtic Winners
What a lovely weekend just a quick pop across the pond to catch up with friends and family and enter my favourite show in the Irish calendar. Brie won a very nice Junior class and then went on to min the Celtic Junior award. Allie won the Open Bitch in a very strong class.
26th April 2009,  West of England Ladies Kennel Soc.
Of to WELKS today where Darcy won Junior Dog making the long drive worth while.
11th April 2009,  Combined Canine Int. Show
Of to Dublin today for an International show, so very early start!!!! Darcy started with a class win in Puppy Dog and followed it up with a Green Star and Res. Best of Breed, what a fantastic result for such a young dog. Unfortunately he could not compete for the CACIB as at 11 months old he is too young to challenge for a CACIB.
Allie went along for the ride now that her maternal duties have finished and showed her socks of, she won the Open Bitch class, Res. Green Star and the Res. CACIB. Not bad considering she had her puppies only nine weeks ago.
17th March 2009,  St. Patrick's Day Celtic Winners
Darcy won Junior Dog in a very strong class.
14th March 2009,  Belfast Dog Show Soc.
Not far to drive today!!!!!  Darcy won his Puppy class followed by Best Puppy in Breed and Best of Breed. He was also awarded Best Puppy in Show and got a Gp3 in the Adult Group. Allie kept the winning streak going by winning Open Bitch/Dog, what a busy day we had!!!!!!
10th January 2009,  Sydenham & Dist. Canine Club
Darcy won his class and went on to be awarded Best of Breed.
27th December 2008,  Dublin Dog Show Soc.
Not a bad way to end the year. Allie won her class and went on to take the Green Star and Darcy kept it rolling with a first in the Puppy Dog class and the Res. Green Star.
This will be Allie's last show for a while as she will be taking a break to (fingers crossed)  become a mum in the new year.
20th December 2008,  Antrim & Dist. Canine Club
Darcy won his Puppy class and went on to take Best of Breed. Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances we were unable to stay for the group, so Darcy will have to wait a little longer for his group debut.
6th December 2008
Today was Darcy's first championship show and he took everything in his stride, including his Puppy Dog class followed by the Res. Green Star. Allie not to be out done by baby Darcy won Open Bitch followed by the Green Star and Best of Breed. In the group she was awarded a Gp3, what a fantastic day  for us, as our judge today was a breed specialist.
2nd December 2008,  Euro Winners Show
The Euro Winners Show was held in Amsterdam this year. I had always wanted to go to this and as a surpise my lovely husband decided to book us a weekend away at a DOG SHOW!!!!  We had a very enjoyable weekend away, We saw some stunning dogs and meet some very friendly people from all over the world, saying that it was a bit strange being at a show with no dogs.
8th November 2008,  Hound Club of N. Ireland
Today was Darcy's first show and to make it that bit more special it was a Group specific show. Darcy won a very nice second in the Puppy Stakes and a first in his breed class. Allie showed him how its done with a class win and Best of Breed.

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